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Welded racks are perfect for going into ovens, proofers, and freezers or for transporting heavy loads around your facilities. Crown welded racks are made from high strength, heavy gauge aluminum. This combination of quality material and welded construction produces a rack with superior performance. Round corners do not tear rack covers, saving you unnecessary expenses. Round corners also offer maximum strength in rack design, because one piece continuous tubing is stronger and more dependable than multi-piece assembly. Single welded racks hold one pan per slide. Each pan is inserted narrow side in (front load). Racks are available in a variety of slide spacing with regular or high-temperature casters. Welded racks are generally made to hold 18” x 26” bun pans, however, adjustments to the width can be made to suit your needs.

With heavy duty regular temperature casters, all welded racks are 69” in height, 20 1/4” outside wide and 26” deep. Holds 18” x 26” bun pans. All welded racks are built to the standard 26” depth with the octagon nexus bars modified to accommodate the pan or tray width only. This is the most popular and economical way for you to purchase these racks. This also gives you the future option to change the bars to accommodate an 18” X 26” tray. If you wish to have the rack depth modified as well then we will gladly supply a custom quote to you.